What Is a Learning Agreement Erasmus

If you`re considering studying abroad, you may have heard of the Erasmus program. Erasmus is a European Union (EU) program that promotes international education and cultural exchange. One of the key documents involved in the Erasmus program is the learning agreement.

So, what is a learning agreement Erasmus?

In short, the Erasmus learning agreement is a document that outlines what you`ll study during your time abroad and how it will fit into your home university degree program. It`s a legally binding agreement between you, your home university, and your host university, defining the details of your exchange program.

The learning agreement is an important part of the Erasmus program because it ensures that your study abroad experience is recognized and credited by your home university. It also helps to ensure that you`ll take courses that are relevant to your degree program and that you`ll receive appropriate academic support.

The learning agreement covers a few key elements:

1. Your personal information and details of your study program

This includes your name, your student ID, your home university, and your host university. You`ll also need to provide information about the courses you`ll take during your stay abroad, how many credits they`re worth, and how they`ll be credited towards your degree.

2. Signatures from your home and host universities

Both your home and host universities need to approve and sign the learning agreement. This ensures that everybody is on the same page about the details of your study program.

3. Learning objectives and expected outcomes

The learning agreement should outline what you hope to gain from your experience abroad and how it will benefit your academic and career goals.

4. Support and resources

The learning agreement should also outline the academic support you`ll receive during your time abroad, as well as any resources provided by your host university to help you integrate into the local culture.

The Erasmus learning agreement is an important piece of the puzzle for any student considering studying abroad. It ensures that you`ll receive proper academic credit for your experience, and gives you peace of mind that you`ll be supported throughout your journey.

If you`re interested in participating in the Erasmus program, speak to your university`s international office to learn more about the application process and what you need to do to apply. Don`t forget to ask about the learning agreement and what it entails!

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